Trudeau Claims His SNC Interference Saved Jobs. Problem Is It Didn’t

So we all know the story. We’ve all heard the non-apology. We’ve all heard the lies. Now we know Trudeau is a master manipulator. He was a drama teacher. He knows how to cry on demand and get people to believe the fakeness of it. He knew who to bring on to his campaign to sell the lies we all bought. But let’s be real here, his claim that he was doing it for the jobs is total bunk because in fact those jobs weren’t in danger at all.

Look it does happen that some CEOs and other executives get caught doing bad things and get punished. That always negatively impacts the company but it doesn’t normally lead to job losses, sometimes but not always. With SNC-Lavalin the CEO was found out to have been as corrupt as Trudeau is and the CEO wanted to get away with his illegal shenanigans scot free. This is why SNC came up with the deferred prosecution option and lobbied Trudeau heavily for it. Trudeau being greedy and corrupt himself gladly accepted because he figured no one would be knowledgeable enough to understand that those jobs just weren’t in danger at all.

How can I know this? Because SNC already had contracts to fulfill. They had work, future work could possibly be hindered by their bribery scandal but not necessarily since the CEO, and possibly other execs, would be thrown out of the company. That would’ve done a world of good to restore faith in the company and life would move on and jobs secured.

But here’s what amazes me about all this. Trudeau, by his own admission, was on board with the illegal activities of SNC-Lavalin. He wanted to falsely claim he saved a ton of jobs. Those execs approached him, said “Hey we’re guilty of illegally bribing people, you get me off so I can keep my job and massive million dollar paychecks and I’ll let you say you saved a ton of jobs.”

Trudeau knew SNC was guilty of committing crimes and didn’t care. He always had the option to create policies, or use other tools at his command, to create and save jobs. But instead he decided to side with criminal executives who wanted a quid pro quo where those executives could get a Get Out Of Jail Free card and Trudeau could get a fake talking point.

What happened after Trudeau finally got him that card? Turns out SNC-Lavalin were already bad players. As we’ve seen they’ve screwed up quite a lot and now have been relegated to junk status. This could easily sink the company altogether which means all those jobs could be permanently lost.

Trudeau knew this was a company not averse to illegal activities and got in bed with them anyway. Why? Power. He wanted to be Prime Minister so badly he was willing to make deals with the devil at any cost.

Sure that sounds outlandish but it is what happened according to the Ethics Commissioner, CBC and other news reporting, public records, and so forth.

Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould answers a question during Question Period in the House of Commons in Ottawa, Monday, April 18, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

But let’s not forget what else he did while fighting for his devil’s bargain, outside of doing all he can to cover it all up, his misogynistic treatment of Wilson-Raybould. First he hired her as Canada’s first female Indigenous Justice Minister. He touted just how qualified she was all while patting himself on the back for being so woke. Then he corruptly tried to force her to let SNC off the hook for their illegal activities. When she resisted he fired her from that position and placed her into another. When she rightfully called foul he fired her from the Liberal Party altogether along with one of her female supporters.

Trudeau’s justification, as proven by public documents and the ethics probe, was he believed she wasn’t doing her job correctly and had every right to punish her accordingly. In short Trudeau thought Wilson-Raybould wasn’t doing her job right and decided to mansplain it to her. When she resisted he replaced her with someone who wouldn’t dare say “No” to Trudeau, and you guys thought Harper was a dictator.

Ah yes, what a progressive guy that Trudeau is. But wait, there’s more!

In the middle of the ethics probe Trudeau sent a letter to Dion totally smearing Wilson-Raybould. Trudeau stated she wasn’t remembering things correctly because she was too emotional. So that’s the equality Trudeau said he was all about. When a woman calls out a man for his bad behaviour it’s only because she can’t control her emotions.

It’s so touching to see such modern values in 2019 Canada right?

Lastly of course when Wilson-Raybould was fired from the Liberal Party Trudeau justified it by saying she was causing too much trouble. I mean sure he campaigned on stating he wanted his ministers and other Liberal Party members to not be tied to his, the party leader’s, commands but I mean that was just one of those lies candidates state for election time right? But you know to be fair she was a woman who was just being too emotional to follow a man’s orders. I mean why would anyone want that in their party?

Like my god, next thing you know them females are gonna want things like equal opportunity and the right to vote and such silly things.

Look, the bottom line is Trudeau never saved a single job. He is liar, a trained manipulator, and literally the most corrupt Prime Minister in Canadian history.

And this is just his first term. Do you really want to see what he can do in a second?


California’s New Statewide Ethnic Studies Curriculum Is A Page Out Of Hitler’s Playbook

I’m not sure if any of you readers have heard of this, I only just did, but it is appalling. For those who don’t know California has decided to take a page out of Hitler’s book and start indoctrinating your kids.

Yea, I am being rather “WTF?” with that statement but it is true. See what the Leftists are doing in California is creating a future mandatory program that all schools must teach. In it is nothing but pure far leftist propaganda. It equates capitalism with white supremacy and claims they’re both oppressive evil things. It denies anti-white racism occurs. It promotes how Jewish people and Israel are evil things that must be obliterated. Also how only white people have done bad things, literally no other demographic whether black, Muslim, Asian, Indigenous, and every other race have never once done anything bad in their entire history.

Yes, I’m serious.

So all those things about Indigenous people conquering and enslaving each other? Gone.

All the innocents that Indigenous people slaughtered when they battled the foreign settlers (Yes, they did Leftists. No, this doesn’t mean the settlers did nothing wrong, they did of course. I’m saying Indigenous people’s weren’t exactly innocent either.)? Gone.

The black slave owners in America and Africa and elsewhere? Gone.

The Muslim slave trade which enslaved a million white people and twice as many black people? That resulted in the genocide of black people in the whole of the middle east region? That lasted until well into the 20th century? Gone, all gone. Never happened.

China’s and all other countries, outside of Britain, history with imperialism? Rewritten, only Britain did that now.

All those African nations who wiped out entire tribes and enslaved the survivors to be sold to white people, Muslims, and whoever else wanted them? Never happened, now only white people did that, evidence be damned.

And so on and so on.

This literally rewrites world history and indoctrinates kids, *cough* weaponizes *cough*, to become at best far leftist hostile and likely violent protestors, and at worst far leftist terrorists.

This is EXACTLY what Hitler did with kids remember? He brought in a new curriculum in schools so the kids of his Germany would be indoctrinated into his ideology and hatred of Jews. He programmed them to study a world history that simply didn’t exist. He also programmed to blame everything on Jews and why Jews are evil. And more.

Does this not sound familiar?

Do you not see the parallels?

If Antifa is truly wanting to be seen as anti-Fascist then they need to start looking to the left. Remember that one commenter, Cal, who wrote a list of what possible things occur under fascism? Well Cal, and the rest of Antifa, here’s a short list of what the left has said, and done, for the public record and easily verified.

  1. The left has stated they only want their side reported in the news, an official state TV (AOC tweeted that and what Hitler was fond of).
  2. The left has destroyed art and history because of what they claim it “symbolized” (Hey, Hitler loved doing that too).
  3. The left wants to appropriate wealth from the wealthy because of how “evil” the wealthy are (Wow! Hitler did that with the Jews for the same reasons! Weird!).
  4. The left has done a digital burning of books and even banned some books because they found them offensive and against Leftist ideology (Whoah, this is just eerie but Hitler had book burnings for the exact same reason.).
  5. The left has stated they want to put conservatives in “reeducation centres”. They even stated they wanted white people to be destroyed, suffer a Holocaust, and other similar horrors. (Hunh, wouldn’t you know it Hitler said and did these things to Jewish people. He also planned to do it to anyone who wasn’t “pure” enough. What a coincidence.)
  6. The left now want schools to indoctrinate young kids and teens into their ideology (Again something Hitler did.).

When are you going to realize your targeting the wrong people? What more has to happen before you finally wake up to how you’re helping to turn the US into a fascist state?

But to get back onto the original topic this curriculum should send a chill down everyone’s spine. It cannot be allowed to pass. Yes, we need to teach kids to think critically. But we also need to teach them that all forms of bigotry are horrible, even when it’s anti-white, anti-Semitic, and anti-male.

We also need to teach them the FULL history of things such as when Israel was first forming the Palestinians joined with the other Muslim nations to wipe it out and exterminate all Jews. We need to teach them that while settlers did do some horrible things to indigenous peoples many of those indigenous peoples responded horribly in kind, not all but many.

We need to teach them that while yes there was slavery in the US only 1.6% of the population even owned slaves and that included the black slave owners that existed in the US. We also need to teach that while US history has dark chapters it has many light chapters as well. We need to teach children that while capitalism has its flaws and failed some it also benefitted literally billions of people around the world.

There’s so much we need to teach them but we need to ensure they are taught the WHOLE history and not the edited fiction the Leftists are trying to spread.

Don’t let the Leftists win, ensure our children have their own minds, choose their own beliefs, and live their own lives.

Actually Eating Meat Is A Good Way For Fighting Climate Change And Other News

Okay so this will be a bit of a weekend round up style blog. There were multiple news stories I wanted to talk about but didn’t get the chance to blog about them. So first story.


As you see from the link above it is proven yet again that Leftists are lying. You know that whole circle of life thing? Basically that’s what the farmer and scientists are saying. In other words with proper farming techniques raising grass fed cattle, or other animals we eat (Mmm… bacon cheeseburger…), the process actually draws carbon out of the atmosphere and puts into the soil, which plants need to grow. This makes the grass grow, which the animals eat, and repeat.

Unlike vegetarian or vegan diets where the food grown actually takes carbon and nutrients out of the soil. This means the farmers need to use fertilizers, pesticides, and other items proven to be highly damaging to the environment.

So eat that steak in pride fellow meat eaters, you’re helping the environment.


Well, well, well. Trudeau is once again is proven corrupt. This is the second time now that he’s been found guilty of violating the ethics code. Look people, the dude is more corrupt than any Prime Minister in the history of Canada. How do I know this? Because Trudeau is the only Prime Minister to have violated the ethics code twice.

What’s worse is his apology doesn’t even apologize for what he did. He says he takes responsibility for it but then in the same speech states he’ll never apologize for what he did. In other words he’d gladly do it again.

You know I have a ton of stuff to write about Trudeau, stuff I’ve been sitting on until election time. I’ll continue to wait until then but let me repeat what the Ethics Commissioner discovered – That SNC Lavalin was the one who thought up the idea of deferred prosecution in the first place. They lobbied Trudeau quite heavily to implement it, he agreed in return so he could say he saved Canadian jobs. That whole quid pro quo I was telling you about in past blogs.

It should be a crime to be right this much.


See this is the type of innovation you’ll never get under a socialist regime. The fact is while plastics are harmful to the environment the alternatives are just as harmful. This is why we never went off plastics, that and the fact plastic are the cheapest and most sanitary option of them all.

Now the naysayers will state that this doesn’t eliminate the plastics being created. That is true however the problem with plastics isn’t the creation of them but what we humans do with them. In other words it’s our behaviour with plastics that’s the issue and not the plastic itself.

As I’ve stated in a past blog part of what we need to do is change our behaviour. And the above article describes just one of those changes. This new plastic power generation could really take off, if it does it will help the environment by taking plastic out of the environment.

If the creator could get this to spread everywhere they could get into contracts with cities and other organizations. Those contracts would have him send staff to scour dumps and collection sites for the plastic they need for their operations. Further the government or the company could implement a pay-for-plastic plan where they’d pay people to bring in their plastic. If any of this happens that plastic garbage island in the Pacific suddenly becomes plastic gold. How much you want to bet people would be out there scrounging up all the plastic their boats could carry just to get that easy payday?

Like I’ve always said capitalism can solve climate change and it will. With all solutions, regardless of what that solution is and where it came from, we need to be patient because they’ll take time to notice the effects. Things are changing despite what #ToneDeafAOC and her fellow idiots want to whine otherwise. Check the numbers yourself if you don’t believe me.


Then lastly there’s the banning of Omar and Tlaib from Israel by the Israeli government. I only have one thing to say about that but first:

Look I’ve said it before those 2 hate Israel and remember, despite what Dems cry about, Israel did have good reason to do this banning. They looked at the representatives’ official itinerary and realized that the 2 were up to no good. Their plan was to stir up issues between the Palestinians and Israelis, to sow divisions. This goes to what I was saying in an old blog, that Omar, and now Tlaib, would use her position to attack Israel.

The Dems are right about one thing, we can’t allow hate to destroy us. What they’re wrong about, on this front, is banning the 2 representatives helps to do just that. By banning them from Israel helps prevent them from spreading their hate to destroy the alliance between Israel and the US, or to simply destroy Israel.

Sure some may say I’m going into tin foil hat territory with that last sentence, and that’d be totally fair, but my past blogs have proven correct. How long before time proves me correct yet again?


And that’s all I had for this week. Interesting times indeed, until next time everyone, take care.

Yes Chris You Are A Fredo And Threatening Murder Is Never An Appropriate Response

So recently Hate Media shill Fredo Cuomo… I mean Chris Cuomo threatened to assault and murder a man because that man called him a name.

I get he didn’t like someone calling him a name but so what? Look I’ve been called names, I’m old and have heard it all yet I don’t care. Hell I even posted an example of one name calling on my blog, which apparently terrified the dude because he hasn’t been back since. lol Trolls are so fragile.

Anyway in case you haven’t heard Fredo Cuomo decided in response he would not only threatened to assault and murder the man but he actually compared being called Fredo to a black person being called the N-word.

Let that sink in.

First my response:

Second no, no one ever once thought those 2 were the same and in fact the Italian community came out to say as much. Black people weren’t too happy with Fredo’s comparison as well, as you can imagine. And they weren’t the only ones. Hate Media CNN defended this of course but then is that really a surprise?

Look, I’ve made it abundantly clear I am anti-violence among other things and this is unacceptable. It’s bad enough that MSNBC and other Hate Media outlets are now openly supporting guests who support inciting violence (They had a far left extremist black man who has in the past advocated white genocide. That overweight man flat out stated all white people, because those were the only people he believes voted for Trump apparently) shouldn’t be negotiated with but destroyed.

You know there have been right wing people on social media who did predict the left would get this desperate. That they’d start openly supporting violence against anyone they didn’t like. I agreed with them sadly enough. The thing is though it will get worse as we move closer and closer to election time.

But I’m getting off topic.

Fact is Cuomo Fredo is not anything remotely close to the N-word. Not in history, not in usage, or anything else. Though to be clear it wasn’t always a derogatory term. There were points in history where it was used in exact same manner as African-American. This is why a number of old literary works used it so liberally and benignly. Today of course we see it different and likely in the future we may see it differently than today. But that’s an academic debate.

Fredo comes from the Godfather movies and books. It’s usage has always been one of insult specific to men. It is meant to call out someone as the stupid brother or even just plain stupid. Think moron, idiot, or retard, Fredo is similar to these slang terms.

So by the slang definition Cuomo you are indeed a Fredo. You’ve proven it countless times now, just own it. Oh and you may want to brush up on your history.

Just saying.

Edit: It turns out the article I linked did not post everything. Fox News reported that Cuomo did in fact apologize for his tantrum and that he should never have taken the bait.

I’m glad he came to his senses on that. However it still doesn’t excuse him from comparing Fredo to the N-word. It also doesn’t excuse his hypocrisy on the usage of Fredo which he has done on his show. I do hope he betters himself to know that the kinds of response he makes, which are becoming more and more commonplace, are always wrong. Some people take it in stride, some even take such things as a compliment, and some just walk away. Those are a few examples of responses Cuomo that you should work on giving.

I hope you genuinely learned something from this and not just falsely claim that you have.

Slavery In Canada – The Greatest Racist Lie In History

One problem with racism is how many people enjoy lying and changing history to support their side. Take for instance one of the greatest anti-white racist lies to ever be told – Slavery in Canada. Told endlessly by Leftists yet once again not supported by facts.

The problem is slavery was outlawed in 1833 (Leftists want to say 1834 but only because of legal semantics, i.e. moving the goalposts.) and Canada wasn’t created until 1867, a full 34 years after slavery was abolished.

Now I’ve heard quite a lot of bull crap in a number of arguments I’ve observed on why this doesn’t matter. Everything from it doesn’t matter, the same people, and even the same land (As in the dirt not the recognized territories. Yes, seriously) and everything in between. I’ll address as many as I can remember.

First with the people in 1833 were the very same people who became Canadian citizens in 1867. Were they? I’m certain some were but not all. See 34 years is a long time and many of those people would’ve died of old age, disease, accident, unnatural deaths, and more. Life expectancy isn’t what it is today for various reasons – better sanitation, significant increase in nutrition, far superior medical treatments, and so forth.

This doesn’t include the many people who would’ve moved to outside Canadian territory during that time and thus did not become Canadian citizens. One example is former slaves returning to the loved ones they left in the south when they escaped.

As for the land well first Indigenous people, or American Indians if you prefer, were conquering and enslaving each other long before the first white settler set foot on what is now North America. So this point is invalid. To further emphasize my point I’ll provide maps of before and after Canada was created below.

Canada 2019

As you can see it is nowhere near the same territory in all 3. Which ties into the next point. Before Canada was formed they were all controlled colonies. They had their own laws, system of governance, economy, and so forth. When Canada formed it had different laws, system of governance, economy, and the rest. In short they are completely different entities which means Canada cannot be held responsible for what happened before its inception.

A favourite argument by Leftists is none of this matters even when they agree this is all true. They state because a number of colonies in the Southern US were particularly brutal to slaves that means Canada in 1867 must be guilty as well. That’s quite the gold medal in logic Olympics.

Leftists forget things like if that were true then why did white people smuggle black slaves along the underground railroad to the northern colonies? If those colonies were as bad as Leftists’ claim wouldn’t those helping the slaves escape have sent those escaped slaves somewhere else or even back to Africa? If Leftist claims were true why were those northern colonies highly anti-slavery?

Leftists forget that the northern colonies really didn’t like slavery. While they couldn’t end it, due to it being a law declared from on high, they did add laws of their own which helped make slavery highly undesirable. This is why slave merchants didn’t bother operating there, all those added rules made it a lot more expensive and far less profitable for them. If what Leftists claim was true why would those colonies refuse to honor legal orders to return escaped slaves? If what Leftists were saying was true why would those northern colonies allow the escaped slaves to form their own town (Google it)?

You get the idea.

That’s the ever present problem with Leftists, they’re always ignoring facts and reality. As always they do this because they want reasons to continue the religion of victimization and bigotry all for the sake of control. But that’s another blog for another day.

As always do your own research and always think for yourself no matter how much Leftists argue and tantrum otherwise.

Actually The Evidence PROVES White Supremacy Isn’t The Problem Leftists Claim And Trump Is Not To Blame

Wow the freak out over those weekend shootings, you know which ones I’m talking about, is beyond reprehensible. Furher Don Lemon and the rest of the hate media propagandists just keep going on and on about how white supremacy violence is happening all day every day.

Yea, if that were true wouldn’t we all be in the hospital or morgue by now?

The above links are for the official numbers of murders and hate crimes for 2017, the latest data available. The results are rather interesting.

First it proves of the over 8400 hate crimes committed white supremacists account for approximately 3200 of those. In other words 38% of hate crimes are committed by white supremacists. Let’s put that into perspective:

For 2017 there were over 1 280 000 violent crimes across the US.

a. Total hate crimes make up 0.6% of all violent crimes.

b. Of that 0.6% white supremacists committed 38% of those, or 0.2% of all violent crimes in the US.

c. Violent crimes actually went up consistently from 2014 to 2016, under Obama’s tenure.

d. After 2016 violent crimes have actually been lessening, under Trump’s tenure.

e. As a bonus there actually is anti-herosexual violence and murders. So yes gay community, straight people do get targeted just for being straight.

So 0.2% of all violence is considered an epidemic by Leftists? Yet the approximately 10% of all violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants is a lesser problem according to them. When Leftists even acknowledge it that is.

Funny how that works isn’t it? #LeftistLogic

Look, the fact is yes white supremacy is a problem but NO WHERE NEAR the problem Leftist’s claim, the evidence is clear.

Moral of the story – Never trust CNN and the rest of the hate media, they’ll lead you astray (Lie?) every time.

If Trump Is Guilty For El Paso Then Elizabeth Warrens Is Guilty For Dayton

I’ve waited intentionally to write this for 2 reasons. The first is because I wanted to give people, those affected whether a survivor, family member of a victim, or whoever, time to mourn. The second is because I wanted evidence to come out, something the hate media, and Democrats, refused to do.

I saw a lot of craziness on Twitter, but what do you expect from a cesspool but rotting garbage? I’ll give one example. Niel DeGrasse Tyson put out a tweet on the weekend to put the death tolls into perspective. His hope was people understand to not allow their emotions to force them overreact. Regardless of whether or not you found that tasteless his heart was in the right place. Further the hate he received only proved his entire tweet correct. People went over reactionary and just hashed on the guy unfairly and all because of their emotional states.

But why do I say if Trump is guilty then so too is Elizabeth Warrens? If you’ve only watched the hate media that’s understandable why you wouldn’t know. If you watched someone else, an independent, Fox News, or just reading this now, then you’d know that while the El Paso shooter was a white supremacist the Dayton shooter was a Leftist terrorist. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was Antifa to be honest.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Dayton shooter was a fan of Elizabeth Warren and socialism. So much so that he decided to grab a gun to target innocents. But I believe in personal responsibility, unlike Leftists, and see the only people responsible are the ones who pulled the triggers.

The El Paso shooter was a white supremacist who hated immigrants. He blamed immigrants for all the problems that are occurring in Texas. Sure it would be fair the immigrants are part of the issue but they’re just wanting a good life and chance to achieve the American dream. It’s not their fault our leaders, our politicians, and hate media keep failing us.

None of this is Trump’s fault just as the past mass shootings under past presidents were never their fault. Dayton’s shooting was never Warrens’ fault. The only ones who are saying they are are the parasites who just want to exploit those tragedies for vote buying or media ratings.

Really fricking disgusting.

But there is one thing I want to say to everyone out there. So readers or anyone really send my following words out to everyone.

For everyone out there if you find yourself in a dark place. A place of despair, of hopelessness, of anger spiraling to rage, and you find yourself thinking the only way out, the only answer, is to grab a gun and just squeeze that trigger until the world is washed in blood just pause for a moment and think about where you’re at. Remember what people like MLK and Gandhi said about violence. That it doesn’t solve anything and they’re right. Take a look at the results of these kinds of violence, things didn’t get better and in fact they got worse.

First what makes you think your violence would be any different? Second it’s natural to be angry, it’s actually natural to hate, but how we act on those emotions is what’s important. You can use your anger or even your hate for positive things. Those problems which are fueling your anger or hate can be your motivation to help fix those problems. You could join an organization which deals with those things directly. You could start up a charity to fight for the solutions you believe can solve the problems. You could start up a blog or a podcast or a vid stream or whatever to speak out on this issues you feel are important. There are so many things you can do, positive and productive things, which will accomplish far more than an instant of violence.

But if you don’t want to do those things, that if you feel those things just aren’t for you then please seek help. The fact is while hate and anger are normal to feel for various reasons it is not normal to resort to mass shootings to express those emotions. So if you find yourself thinking the only solution is to grab a gun it’s time to find help. Go to a councilor or psychiatrist or someone to talk to. I get you may find talking not helpful but talking is how those professionals start to help you. They often will help you find outlets and activities for you to help you deal with what’s drowning you. But they need to talk to you first because that helps them decide what can work best for you. Just give them a chance.

For those who are in a dark place I’m going to repost a MLK quote I posted in my last blog. Please read it for it is truth, truth you need to hear.